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Spiritual Orders

Becoming a member of one or more of the robed orders allows you to embark on a deeper level of study.

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The Masters

The Great Spiritual Masters are those who have already made the journey into spiritual Mastery and returned to serve humanity.

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Sacred Ceremony

Sacred Ceremony are a cry from our Souls to our Creator in the ever changing seasons of human existence.
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After you have joined The Way of Truth Mystery School, you will receive your First Initiation on the Inner Planes.

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The Clergy

These are people who are trained as Heart Warriors, able to offer the services of counseling,
sacred rites, and healing.
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A full list of available books written by Sri Michael Owns and Shria Mata Devi.

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Human Soul

Each Soul goes through countless cycles of experiences on multiple planets and planes of reality to reach this point.

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Inner Planes

These dimensions are as real as our own, inhabited by people, cities, planets and spiritual beings.

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Sacred Chants

Sacred Chants & Mantras that you can use for clearing your energy field and bringing in new energies.

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Radio Broadcasts

Listen to previously recorded radio broadcasts about spiritual teachings.

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The first nine principles to live by are love yourself, love others, strive to be in service to the greater good, etc.
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8 Noble Truths

Living by Harmlessness, Right Action, Compassion, Truth, Love, Gratitude, Balance & Harmony, and Peace & Bliss.
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Universal Soul Movement

The ability to shift one’s consciousness into the Inner Realms of God while still living in a physical human body.
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