Universal Soul Movement

Astral Travel Vs. Soul Journeying

Universal Soul Movement or Soul Journeying is the ability to shift one’s consciousness into the Inner Realms of God while still living in a physical human body. This creates a pathway to explore the many mansions of the Divine while still here in the physical world, and to discover the answers of Creation for yourself.

Soul Movement is different from Astral Travel. Astral Travel uses the Astral Body, an energetic duplicate of the physical body that vibrates at a slightly higher frequency. It exist one plane higher than the physical world and is a body we often use when we are dreaming. The physical body is connected at the naval to the Astral Body by a thin “Silver Cord.” This cord is a tether than only has a certain range of distance that it can move from the physical body.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with Astral Travel, and it can be very exciting to find yourself suddenly outside your body, floating near the ceiling or looking down on your own form lying on the couch or bed, Astral travel also has its limitations.

To begin with, the Astral Body can only travel into the physical and Astral Realms. It can’t go any higher than the plane in which it was created. So just as the physical body can’t suddenly jump into the Higher Worlds, so too does the Astral body have its limitations.

Also there is a small chance that if you were to suddenly be awakened by a loud noise, or someone shaking you awake, that the speed and recoil of the Silver Cord could actually snap. While this is exceedingly rare, certainly such a recoil could give you a headache or leave you feeling disoriented, ungrounded or spaced out. The alignment of your subtle energy bodies would then be thrown out of balance.

If this happens, it is best to just go back to sleep, and to call upon the Masters for assistance. The Masters can come in to readjust your subtle energy bodies and ensure that when you return from sleep, your subtle fields will all been realigned, allowing you to feel present and grounded in the physical world once again.

The Power Of Universal Soul Movement

Why the Masters of the Way of Truth teach Universal Soul Movement are many. First, it is the fastest, easiest way to move through any dimension that your vibration in consciousness will allow you to access.  It also allows you to move into the Higher Worlds without any limitations, since the Soul Body is the highest frequency subtle energy body there is. Thus you can travel into the Mental Worlds, the Causal Plane, the Etheric Plane, and even up to the Great Divine. 

This kind of travel has a connection to the physical body through the Crown Chakra or Thousand Petal Lotus. This highest chakra, lying at the top of your head, is always linked to the true Soul Self, for the Higher Self hovers above our heads about 18 to 24 inches. When the Crown Chakra is activated through the pineal gland that lies at the center of the head, is awakens the Inner Sight or Third Eye.

This is the window through which we learn to perceive the realms of Heaven. Unlike the Silver Cord, this direct connection is unfettered, allowing the Soul Consciousness of the individual to awaken, and once freed, to move in 360 directions in all dimensional realities. 

By then linking the Higher Self to the Heart, the Soul has the ability to connect to anyone, anywhere, at any time. This is because the frequency of Love is the energy that permeates the Universe and that binds all dimensions together.

So Universal Soul Movement is a practice taught by the Masters that allows each one of us as an aspiring student to travel into the realms of Light. Lifted by the assistance of the Living Sehaji Master, this combination of Divine Forces, amplified through the Heart Consciousness, is designed by Sugmad to accelerate each Soul in their journey to Mastery.  

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