The Inner Master

Who Is The Inner Master?

For many people approaching this path, this is the $64 million dollar question.

Is the Inner Master your Spirit Guide? The one, two or even three angelic beings who have signed up to support you before you were even born? These are the Guides who are here to assist you with the life goals that you have set for yourself.

No, your Spirit Guides are quite separate from the Inner Master, and being a member of the Way of Truth will not ever interfere with those relationships. In fact, it will enhance your communications with your Guides, and in time even illuminate them.

Is the Inner Master my Higher Self? The Higher Self is the part of each of us that is anchored in the Higher Planes and resides there even while you are having a lifetime on Earth.  Along with your Spirit Guides and Spiritual Council members, your Higher Self is the one who helped to decide on the life plan that you are now (hopefully) living.

Is It My Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is your true Soul Self and part of the purpose of the Way of Truth is to put you into more direct contact with your Higher Self. This will allow you to live from a Soul state of consciousness, rather than just the Ego or little self.

In each lifetime we choose our challenges and major lessons, as well as greater opportunities for learning and service. But when we come to Earth with amnesia we forget what we have chosen.

Thus we can fall off of our chosen path and waste the life that we are living now. If this happens the Soul will feel very disappointed when the human personality returns to Heaven.

The Way of Truth and the Inner Master are both spiritual catalysts for helping you find your way, remember your highest life path, and live it to the fullest. It is a path that enhances your Soul’s choices and never interferes with the greater vision put forth by your Higher Self.

Discovering The Real Inner Master

So who is this Inner Master anyway if it isn’t your Guides, your Soul or your Higher Self? The Inner Master is a profound teacher of consciousness who has the ability to open doorways into the Higher Worlds for the spiritual seeker.

He or she can appear in your meditations or dreams to bring teachings, share insights, or bring you revelations, all to accelerate your spiritual progress.  The Inner Master can take you to temples on the Inner Planes, introduce you to other spiritual teachers for study, and even assist you in dissolving energetic conflicts with people around you.

The Inner Master can arrange spiritual synchronicities for you, like meeting a new person, hearing from an old friend, having a book fall into your lap, or hearing just the right song on the radio. He or she can train you in the dream state, take you to visit Cities of Light, and assist you in the flow of creative projects.

He or she will, on occasion, help to mitigate or lessen karmic burdens for the student. While the Master cannot take your tests for you, they can lighten the load, and they can help to untangle karmic difficulties.

For example, you might have “a fender bender” with your car instead of a full on accident. You might suddenly be called away from a location just before violence breaks out. You might discover an illness just at the beginning, and avoid having to get sick or have the illness go into full expression.

So the Inner Master is a friend, an ally, and a teacher of wisdom on our path to enlightenment. He or she is not to be worshiped – only respected and honored.

Her job is to help establish you on the Soul plane and in the spiritual realms. Once she has done this, her job is complete. Like a great Mother Eagle teaching her chicks to fly, once a student has grown strong enough to spread their wings and navigate the current for themselves, the Mother or Father Eagle’s job is done. Of course, you can return home any time to take part in the spiritual nourishment that is being emanated from the Master, but you are now free to fly forth on your own.

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