Nine First Principles To Live By

1. Love Yourself

Love is the First Principle of Creation and it is the Last.

It is the very fabric that the Universe Itself was made from, for Love is the vibration of God.

When we walk in love, we walk in accordance with Divine Law, We walk in accordance with the Universal Flow of the Cosmos and we are supported by the Spirit of that immense energy field.

2. Love Others

Love others. It’s easy to say, isn’t it? But sometimes it is hard to do. Why should we love others when sometimes they hurt us, betray us, or make us mad? Because the love that we withhold from others, is the Love that we withhold from ourselves.

Our anger, judgment and lack of forgiveness hurts us more than it hurts “the other.” When we live in anger or un-forgiveness we close down a piece of our own hearts. And we limit our own capacity for feeling whole.

Practicing love for everyone and everything, even if it is a detached love that lets that person go, is an act of kindness to ourselves. It allows us to release the past and attract new and loving energies to ourselves.

3. Strive To Be In Service To Greater Good

In the ancient world the greatest ambitions were to practice Love, Devotion to a Cause, and Service to others. Today our goals seem more about money, power and sex.

But finding a way to be of service to other people, animals or the planet, cultivates many gifts within our hearts. We feel useful. We experience love, We receive gratitude. We make a difference. We create good karma. We learn humility. We find a purpose and our life can change for the better on a dime.

4. Follow The Path Of Honesty & Higher Truth Which Is Called Ma'at

Spiritual Initiates in Ancient Egypt followed the Law of Ma’at. Ma’at is the Goddess of Cosmic Law. It was this Higher Law, not man made law, that the rulers sought to embody. 

What is this Higher Law? One could think of it as karma or justice. In other words, as Jesus said, “We reap what we sew.” What we do in life comes back to us. When we are giving, we are given to by Spirit. When we are selfish, we are miserable and unhappy.

But the Law Ma’at is much more than that. When we contemplate on Ma’at’s Laws we realize that we are studying the very underpinnings of God Itself. What are the physical and spiritual laws of the Universe? How can we find the macrocosm within the microcosm? And what is the deepest Law of all that is the foundation for all the rest? That would be the Law of Love.

5. Treat The Animals as Your Younger Brothers & Sisters

Animals have Souls, contrary to some people’s public opinion. They have thoughts, dreams and feelings just as human beings do. Just ask any dog owner, cat owner, or horse owner. They have their own wants and needs and their desire to love and be nurtured, just as we do.

So even though animals may lack the capacity to become self-realized Masters in the bodies they are inhabiting, they are evolving individuals or Souls moving towards the light.

And they are constantly giving to the human race with little or no appreciation. They give their milk, their eggs, their cheese, their labor, their joy, their loyalty, their love and even their lives for us. So treat them with kindness. Treat them as you would want to be treated, for a million years ago that might have been you in an earlier incarnation.

6. Be Kind Whenever Possible

Kindness is an art. It is an art that takes Presence, Patience, and Compassion. To be truly kind we must have empathy for our fellow travelers on this road, whether they be human, animal, plant, or planet.

How difficult is it give back to others what we would like them to have given to us? A little courtesy? A little smile? An hand on the elbow to help the elderly. A nod at the door to the doorman that let’s him know you see him as a person. An acknowledgement to the store clerk or the postman or the driver who want to enter the turn lane in traffic.

Yes, it takes Presence. It takes noticing. And it takes just a moment more to act, and not react, but when we do the world becomes a nicer, kinder place.

7. Give Gratitude Everyday, So The Good Things In Your Life Will Flourish

Gratitude is watering a garden. It makes everything grow and prosper. When we practice an Attitude of Gratitude then we not only bring joy to our lives and to others, but we open the space for Spirit to bring us more abundance, love and blessings. 

Gratitude builds a mold in the Inner Planes that Spirit moves to fill. It is fueled by our  expression of appreciation to others and to God. It opens the heart, lightens the spirit, and is a sure way to create Miracles in your life each day!

8. Spend Time In Nature, For She Is The Great Teacher

Nature is the Great Teacher. She is the beauty of the sunset, the tides of the mighty ocean, the singing of the birds in Springtime, and the feel of the green grass beneath your feet.

Nature comes from Mother Earth, the greatest healer on the planet. When we approach Nature with awe, wonder, openness and respect for her many secrets, she will open wide her doors to us, and take us into her bosom – teaching all, revealing all, and bringing us to Wisdom. 

9. Remember that You Are Immortal &
Let Go Of Your Fears

When we are in the human body sometimes it is hard to remember that we are Immortal Souls. But none the less, we are. We are beings of Light and Sound that existed before we came to Earth, and will exist long after we leave.

In this life, at this time, we have taken a physical body. And yes, that body is mortal and perishable. But our spirit is not. Our spirit is a traveler through time and space, and for a little while we are here as Guardians and caretakers. So let us make the most of this lifetime and chose to live fearlessly with joy.

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