Grey Robe Order

Aspects of The Grey Order

The Grey Robe Order is the counterbalance to the White Robe Order, and while it contains many truths within it, it is also a path used by the Kal or negative forces to keep many Souls trapped in the Lower Worlds. This is done through the weaving of truth with deception and illusion.

On the positive side this path offers structure, religious and moral instruction, and the comforts of a spiritual community. It often professes positive ideals to live by, yet it also has an undercurrent of negative programming and emotions that create fear, blame, shame, guilt and even violence.

These programs are then used to trap Souls into negative emotional and mental patterns and to prevent them from looking beyond the borders of these religions into deeper and more unified paths of wisdom.

While there are certainly many pure hearted Souls who have taken part in these religious traditions, and some have managed to rise so far above the duality of their messages, that they have even found true spiritual illumination and become Saints, the vast majority of the followers of these religious paths are not so lucky.

Religions Of Duality

Religions that follow the Grey Robe path see the duality of the world around us, but instead of realizing that this duality exists as the background or “game board” upon which Soul is learning its lessons, they seek to demonize those people, cultures and beliefs that do not fit into their limited version of reality.

Rather than integrating the positive beliefs of other tribes, spiritual approaches to God, or indigenous wisdom, using compassionate listening, heart communication and expanded understanding, these paths often seek to destroy and eliminate whatever it views as competition.

This causes the members of the Grey Line path to project fear, hatred, judgment and separation into its teachings, often corrupting the very principles of love, unity and compassion that the great Teachers who founded these paths originally intended.

Consequently these judgmental attitudes can become so endemic to these religious paths that many members are trained from childhood to fear and judge anyone outside their ranks.

This sends two separate messages to their followers: Love and Fear, and allows the Kal force to enter into the person, causing confusion and creating fundamental splits in their personality.

Those who see more clearly, may find these paths full of hypocrisy and lies, even though there is still much that is good in them, because the original founder or Spiritual Master who brought the messages of Love, created that original transmission from the Higher Realms.

The Shadow

Clearly we can see that these negative emotions can create a separation from Unity Consciousness. This takes us into judgment and away from love and understanding. This dualistic thinking can not only wreck havoc in families and relationships, it can create “holy wars” in the name of self righteousness.

In addition, when this judgment is turned inward, which it often is, it creates many challenges in learning to love and forgive ourselves. It teaches a kind of perfectionism that we can never live up to. Because of the very nature of the Lower Worlds, most people have some aspect of them that is less than “perfect.” We can call this the Shadow.

The Shadow is those parts of us that we are still working on: our anger, our lust, our greed, our vanity, our fear, our judgment and our undue attachment to mental, emotional or material things. The Shadow represents the places where we have lost our way and are out of touch with our Love or our Non-Power.

The emotional engrams are caused by traumas that can happen over the eons of lifetimes: We are unjustly accused of a crime; we are burned at the stake; we are deprived of the person we love; we fail at a mission or task of great importance.

These kinds of traumas can create wounds within the causal body, and generate false beliefs that must later be cleared out from the mind and emotions.

This is part of the spiritual healing work that all Souls must achieve in order to reclaim their Love and their Power, and walk the Middle Path of wholeness or Non-Power.

A Split From Unity Consciousness

This lack of self love must ultimately be overcome by each individual as they journey on their path to awakening.  So while the Grey Robe path can initially be of great assistance in bringing the Light to individuals, it can also create great turmoil for members who are instructed that God is a being of vengeance, punishment, and judgment, or that violence is a “holy act” that will get them into Heaven. This schizophrenic programming creates fear, conflict and agitation, leaving its followers stuck in the emotions of self-righteousness, blame, anger, hatred, and the persecution of others.

Later, once the emotional wave has passed us by, the backlash of these negative emotions can show up as a kind of toxic guilt. This is because it is impossible to serve two Masters, the God of Love and the God of Hate. 

These very confusing programs are often used by those in social, religious and political power as a way of manipulating the masses. However they have nothing to do with true spirituality.  True spirituality, meaning communion with God or Love, does not kill, destroy or harm their fellow beings, be they human or animal. Instead it seeks Unity and harmony, looking for those qualities in others that will bring us to a place of inner peace.

The Inner Critic

Another aspect of the Grey path is its subliminal message of perfection. Clearly, since it is impossible for anyone to be perfect in a world of duality, falling short of these goals that are set by the inner programming can cause us to develop a strong Inner Critic. This can result in a generalized sense of shame and disappointment with ourselves, continually reminding us as we move forward in life, of how we fall short of this perfectionist program.

All of these unconscious agendas are designed by the Grey path to keep us trapped in the worlds of illusion. They keep us away the discovery of our true Self, which is a Self of unconditional joy and love. They are tests to find out if we can see through these illusions to the heart of things.

So if you feel emotionally stuck, then you are generally caught in one of these programs. If you feel angry or judgmental against yourself or others, then you may have fallen into one of these traps. If you are continually reactive and blaming others, then you have definitely fallen for the illusion. So getting clear about your reactions will help to free you on your path.

The Wheel Of Karma

Let us be clear. None of this negative programming liberates the individual from the Wheel of Karma. Instead it generates even more karma, plunging us deeper and deeper into the illusion of separation from Source. Nor does this programming repair the world that we live in. It makes it worse. These emotions do not engender forgiveness of self or other.

In fact, these agendas plunge entire nations into conflict, war and suffering. Behind every war we have these same divisive attitudes teaching fear of “the other,” whether it is aimed at the Jews, the Irish, the Hindus, the Christians, the Native Peoples, the brown or black skinned races, or visitors coming from other star systems.

These false ideas perpetuate prejudice, violence and separation from happiness, and when coupled with religious self-righteousness they can even produce Jihads or Holy Wars. 

The Grey Robe Paths

Religious paths that teach this kind of dualistic thinking, meaning “it’s either us or them,” (you are either “in” the Club or “outside” the Club), include Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Russian, Greek and Roman Catholic Orthodoxy, Mormonism, most Protestant Churches, the Islamic religion, Roman Polytheism, the Nordic religions, Christian Sciences, and the Way International.

The Higher Perspective

The Grey Robe Order is headed up by Master Leytor, who is a very enlightened Master who resides on the twelfth plane with Milarepa, the head of the Grand Council and leader of the Sehaji Order. Despite the challenges presented by the Grey Robe path, Leytor is a great Soul who understands the importance of having duality exists in the Lower Worlds as a testing ground for the Soul.

Thus despite the many challenges presented by these paths, Leytor manages all within the Grey Line and the hierarchies that serve it. He is responsible for the power and destruction of the negative force in the Lower Worlds which are ultimately designed to serve the balance of learning within these realms. Consequently Leytor works closely with the many Lords of Karma who oversee the positive and negative actions and progress of each individual Soul as it moves towards the Light of true Union. 

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