The Sehaji Council Of Masters

A Circle Of Masters

The Sehaji Council of Masters is a highly evolved circle of over one thousand Masters that govern the evolution of all Souls in their journey to the Heart of Creation in All Universes. They are the most powerful Masters within the Universe of Sugmad. They can reside on the Inner Planes of the Astral, Causal, Mental, Etheric and Spiritual Realms, fulfilling functions and duties in alignment with the Divine Will of Sugmad.

Some of these great Teachers are available to work with evolving Initiates from different places within these realms. This includes Temples of Golden Wisdom, Universities of Teaching, Libraries of Knowledge, the Hall of Records where a Soul’s past lives are kept, Museums of Invention, and many other places where Initiates of the path of Light and Sound can study.

Spiritual Cities Of Light

While many of these Masters continue to serve in the Inner Realms, others may choose to descend into a physical incarnation to serve in some capacity within the Physical Plane.

Some of these are teachers who live in the many cities of light, like Ekere Tere or Ahirit, that exists in the physical realms, but that vibrates at a higher sub-octave than we can see with our physical eyes.

These cities of light exists in these locales in order to allow third dimensional Initiates to travel there in their Light Bodies and begin to study in their dream state each night. Thus, these Masters continue to provide guidance for Souls learning in the Physical Worlds.

Sehaji Masters are instructors and initiators of the  teachings of the Light and Sound of God. Thus they possess great wisdom, power and truth – all qualities acquired through extensive training in the Inner Realms.  This training also comes through many lifetimes of divine service and the mastery of specific skills developed in past lives here on Earth, or even on other planets within this Universe. These skills and abilities are used in the carrying out their duties and assignments.

The Sehaji Masters are teachers of the Middle Path. This is the path of Non-Power, which is the true power of God that shapes the destiny of all Souls who travel the Inner Realms moving towards the God Worlds. This is the place of Infinite Flow and allowing, that is linked to Divine Love and the Heart of God.

These Masters understand that in the Lower Worlds Souls must experience the contrast between Light and Dark – the positive and negative forces of Creation – and ultimately find a way to the Middle Path that will balance to both.

Today this higher Order of Masters has come forward in the world once again to provide guidance for the many Souls in our time who are awakening to the Light and Sound of the Divine.

These great Masters support the work and teachings of Living Sehaji Master, who for the period of time that they hold the Rod of Power, becomes both the Outer Master, as well as the Inner Master. These great Masters support the work and teachings of Living Sehaji Master, who for the period of time that they hold the Rod of Power, becomes both the Outer Master, as well as the Inner Master.

The Living Sehaji Master

While there are many current and past Sehaji Masters who continue to serve the Divine Plan, there is only one Living Sehaji Master at a time. This Master holds a specific spiritual office of service because he or she holds the Rod of Power.

This energetic anointing allows that Master to work with innumerable Souls on both the Inner and the Outer levels. This means that he, or she, has the power to take each evolving student through the various planes of transformation, preparing and guiding them on the path of unfoldment.

Today it is abundantly clear that we not only need the wisdom and guidance of the Living Sehaji Master, but also the assistance of other Sehaji teachers, meaning those who have achieved the 12th Level of Initiation, as well as all those who have served as Sehaji Masters in the past.

Sehaji Initiates, as opposed to Sehaji Masters, are members of the 12th Circle. This means that they have attained their 12th Level of Initiation, and are still in the process of becoming true Spiritual Masters. They have not necessarily achieved Mastery yet, but they are very far along the path. 

Currently, in the Way of Truth, there are about a dozen of these individuals. These Initiates are working at a very dedicated level of service, and are closer on the path to becoming Masters themselves.

The past Sehaji Masters are both male and female instructors of great wisdom, many of whom are still available to the Initiate to study with from the Inner Planes.

These are Masters who have reached the heights of human accomplishment in spiritual consciousness, and devoted countless lifetimes to doing the hard work of coming into the physical world to balance the rising tide of evil, greed and corruption with the energies of wisdom, compassion and service to the Light and Sound of Sugmad.

In so doing, each of these spiritual teachers are fulfilling their missions to follow the Best-laid Plans of the Divine; to be present in the physical world so that all Souls who wish to graduate from Earth School can do so. And in the process, they, and we together, can help to birth a New Age of Light into the world.

The Female Lineage Of Masters

In this current cycle of time, since the late Summer and Fall of 2020, the Rod of Power has been passed from the male Masters of Wisdom, back to the female line.

This is because the spirit of the Divine Feminine energy of love and nurturance must rise on our planet to bring us back into balance. This energy is vast, circular and inclusive.

In the coming decades, the wisdom brought by the female Sehaji Master will greatly impact the unfolding consciousness of this Universe and hugely assist in the spiritual evolution of this planet.

At this time of so much struggle, confusion and violence, the re-emergence of the Divine Mother, in all of her many aspects, is paramount to help us find our balance and heal the world.

As an organization of Light, the Way of Truth is helping to pave the way for this gentle, powerful transformation. The new female Living Sehaji Master is here to replenish, rejuvenate, nurture and balance the Earth consciousness for all of us. 

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