8 Noble Truths To Live By


The Practice of Harmlessness is crucial in all we do. If we are causing harm to others, then we are creating Karma for ourselves and others. When we cause harm to people, animals, or other Souls, then we bind ourselves to the Wheel of Karma and endless cycles of suffering and pain.

Right Action

Right Action can only come from Right Understanding, Right Thinking, and the deepest alignment with Spirit. Right Action means living in Integrity in all you do. This is not about selfish service, but about generosity and kindness of Spirit in all we do. Without Right Action, we once again create pain, suffering, and karma for ourselves.


Compassion means putting yourself in another person’s shoes, and treating them as you would want to be treated. This means practicing the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.”  Would you want to be lied to, cheated on, betrayed, stolen from, or gossiped about? No. So don’t do it to others. Instead remember that we are all connected to the Eternal One, and what you do to another person, you are ultimately doing to yourself.


This is the Law of Ma’at that teaches us to live in accordance with the highest truth. Ma’at is the goddess of Cosmic Truth in ancient Egypt. This is not mankind’s version of the truth, meaning the social, political or religious dogmas that so often propagate blame, shame, judgment, materialism, and hypocrisy. This is a far greater Spiritual Truth that lies beyond the laws of man. And it can only be found at the highest levels of attunement, for it resides within the wisdom of the Heart.


Love is the abiding principle that binds all things in the Universe together. It is the core of who we are and who Sugmad or Atum is. Love is the path of unselfish service that awakens us to the presence of the Holy Spirit. It is the key that opens the door to a happy life, to compassion and grace, and ultimately leads us to the Higher Worlds.


The Attitude of Gratitude cannot be overstated. Since the Universe is always listening, when we bewail our fates and broadcast our lack, the Universe continues to give us what we are saying. By speaking in gratitude each day then we change the flow of energy in our lives. We create “abundance templates” or “molds” in the Inner Worlds through which miracles can manifest. So give thanks for everything good in your life: your friends, your family, your home, your job, your money, your pets, your health and the millions of other blessings that are around you every day. When you do this, you create the space for more joy, more love and more abundance to manifest in your physical life.

Balance & Harmony

Many of us are raised in drama: the drama of poverty, violence, disruptive families, difficult relationships, and outer hardships. Yet all this drama creates chaos and makes it difficult to be still enough to listen to our Inner Guidance, to the Inner Master. So letting go of those people, situations and relationships that throw you out of balance is sometimes the wisest choice. It is up to us to do the inner and outer emotional healing that will allow us to find that balance, and come back into harmony. Harmony is when we have cleared enough of our issues to bring all of our chakras into balance, and to allow all parts of us to flow in the same positive direction.

Peace & Bliss

It is hard to find peace or bliss unless we are in balance within ourselves. So the journey towards that blissful state always starts from within. First we must take a clear and truthful inventory of what needs to change inside of us, and make those changes. Then we must take a look at the relationships and environment we have chosen to surround ourselves with, and make those changes if they are needed. These are the first two steps towards Peace and Bliss. It is also critical for each of us to take responsibility for our mistakes and make amends to others. Then, once this is done, you can let go of the past. This means letting go of the anger, the fear, the worry, the guilt, and the constant striving that keeps us distracted in either the past or the future. Once this is done, we can truly be in the present moment of NOW. In being present in the Now, it is easy to go into the heart, ground ourselves on the Mother Earth and link up to that eternal connection with Spirit. Then we can bask in Peace, awaken to the miracle of the moment we are living in, and spread out our essence to touch Eternity.

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