Blue Robe Order

The Study Of The Stars

The Order of the Blue Robe sits beneath one wing of the White Robe Order or Great White Brotherhood.

It is an ancient Order overseen by the lineage of the Merlins, the Magi, the Melchizadek priests and priestesses, and by Isis, the Mother of Wisdom in ancient Egypt.

This Order is dedicated to the study of the stars, the revolution of the heavens, Earth’s place in the Cosmos, and understanding the great cycles of time.

Galactic Councils

The Blue Robe Order works closely with all the Galactic Councils, the Silent Nine, the Brotherhood of Light and the Angelic Realms.  It is linked to the star Southis Sirius, thought of as the Star of Isis. This star lies in the constellation of Canis Major, the dog constellation that sits at the feet of Orion, the mighty Hunter.

Orion was the Light Bringer, known as “He Who Shows the Way.”  This constellation was always connected to Osiris, the great humanitarian, who traveled the world after the devastation of the Great Flood to bring food, music, and seeds for planting to humanity so that they would not starve.

Thus he was known as “the Green God,” for his very presence made life spring up again. Osiris was thought of as the Christ of his day, and his followers were called “Christians” centuries before Jesus was born. A careful study of his life reveals surprising similarities to the great Master Jesus.

Perhaps this is because this was the earlier incarnation of Sananda Kumara, one of the four great Kumaras or “deathless Ones” spoken of in the Vedas. Sananda Kumara was the being who was incarnated as both Jesus and Osiris.

Today the center of the Galactic Council lies in the three stars of the belt of Orion. This is the overseeing Council that helps to support more local Star Councils in other systems throughout our galaxy.

The Star Council closest to Earth lies in the Sirian Council, some 7.6 years from Earth, and located on a planet around the star Sirius. The Blue Robe Order works with this Council, interfacing with other Star Nations including the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Andromedeans, and of course, the Orion Council.

The Color Blue

The color of the Blue Robe Order is not only a signature of the Living Sehaji Master, for this is how he or she often appears in one’s Inner Sight, but also of the awakening of one’s Third Eye or Tisra Til. This color is usually seen as a deep blue indigo that will flash at the periphery of one’s sight, indicating the presence of the Master or Masters.

The Blue Robe Order is associated with this color, but the blue can also be portrayed as a pale blue color similar to a lace agate, denoting gentleness and flow, and its alignment with the Milky Way galaxy.

Lost Knowledge Of The Stars

The Blue Robe Order is dedicated to the return of the lost knowledge of the stars, once taught in the ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt, Persia, India, Chaldea, Sumeria, Babylon, Central America, China, the Aboriginal peoples, and the Celtic lands.

It studies the great cycles of the Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy. This includes the twelve 2160 year astrological Ages that Earth goes through over eons of time. This complete revolution of all twelve Ages takes 25,920 years to complete and it is called “the Great Year.”

The Great Year marks the passing of our planet through twelve very different vibrations, each determined by the electromagnetic energies of the stars. To remember what these energies are, the ancients Sages created pictures of people or animals, that today we refer to as the Zodiac. These images pictures were carefully chosen to give us strong clues about the electromagnetic energies in that particular region of the sky.

While most of us have heard the term Zodiac many times, many of us do not really know what that is. The Zodiac is the flat plane of stars that rotate around our solar system, and continually bathe our planet in their energies. Scientists call this the ecliptic. This ecliptic is a 7 degree wide inner tube of stars that moves like a flat plate around our solar system. These electromagnetic energies continually affect our Sun, the Earth and the other planets in our solar system in different ways.

The Great Year Of Transformation

As the celestial background of our Sun moves through each of these twelve Ages, their energies, focused through the lens of our Sun, influences the rise and fall of nations, human consciousness, and even the spiritual abilities we have access to in ourselves.

This gives the Souls who are incarnated on Earth, multiple opportunities to awaken to their own divine natures in every kind of circumstance.

In some eras we are more awake, more aware of our divine connection to Sugmad or God. In other eras we fall into ignorance, violence,  superstition and suppression, giving the Kal or negative force, the upper hand. Over the course of this 25,920 year Great Year, our solar system does not simply stand still.

Like all stars, our Sun continues to rotate around the Galactic Center. Yet our solar system does not simply move in a circle along a flat plane, like a record player.
It oscillates up and down like a great sine wave, passing below the plane of the Galactic Equator for roughly 12,000 years or so, and then moving above the plane of the equator for another 12,000 years.

This crossing up and crossing down, takes about a thousand years each time, giving the planet (and the people on her) time to adjust to these new incoming energies.

Where We Are Today

This is where we are today in Earth’s grand evolutionary cycle. Our entire solar system is moving upward through the equatorial plane of the galaxy, so we are beginning our journey into a season of far greater Light.

This is why so many Star Nations have appeared in our skies today. They know what is happening and many are welcoming us into communication with more advanced societies.  

This why many wise teachers  have incarnated in our world over the past two hundred years, and why the Way of Truth is being allowed to become public. These great Masters are here to help prepare the Earth and her people for this change.

This is why the exploitative sex trade is being brought to the fore publicly. We can no longer tolerate the destructive behavior of men who would sell children and women into slavery. This is not only abhorrent behavior, but it cannot continue in the higher frequencies where we are going.

This is why the racial movement has come front and center. We cannot continue to abuse our brothers and sisters, no matter what their color. The Soul, which is a fragment of the direct Light of God, incarnates on every planet, into every race, with every color and every gender. Our physical bodies are just the outer containers that the Soul wears to allow it to have its human and spiritual experiences.

This is why the women’s movement is on the upswing. Our societies cannot make this powerful shift in consciousness while these suppressive patriarchal regimes are in place. We must evolve away from the abuse and ownership of any human, particularly women, if we are to shift to our next stage of evolution.

It is also time for the Divine Feminine energies to be enthroned in the world again. This rise in feminine consciousness is needed to balance out the dominating masculine energies of war, conflict and aggression. The Universe has always been a place of balance, and when either gender becomes too dominant, it can throw the world out of balance. This is where we are today.

Earth Changes Now

As this Light reawakens on our planet, it is also causing great changes for the Earth. We see this in the weather systems. This is because the poles have begun to shift and the ice caps are melting.

These Earth changes are happening because the polarity of our planet is going to reverse as we move above the Galactic Equator, and no amount of effort from old regimes will stop it. It is part of the natural cycles of the Cosmos.

As these higher and higher vibrating Light energies come into play and flood our Earth, this will also awaken deeper memories stored within our DNA.

It will allow us to have greater access to our true Soul Self, our latent spiritual gifts, and to access higher knowledge learned in previous lives, when we may have been more in touch with our spiritual essence. This Light will accelerate your spiritual evolution as you step onto the Path of the Light and Sound.

So we, who serve the Great White Brotherhood of Light, including all members of the Blue Robe Order, the Green Robe Order, the Lavender Robe Order, the Grey Robe Order, and the Brown Robe Order, are being called upon to be bringers of the Light.

This deeper message, held by the Blue Robe Order, honors the healthy partnership between all men and all women, the male and female, as well as the heavens and the Earth.

All these are the many reasons why the reemergence of the Blue Robe Order is so critical in our lives today. This is why this deeper wisdom must emerge from the Inner Planes for a time to assist humanity as we steer our passage into a larger vision for all.  

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