Green Robe Order

The Wisdom Of The Earth

As the name implies, the Green Robe Order is connected with the wisdom of the Earth and the path of healers around the world.

Keenly tuned into the Divine Intelligence of Nature, this path of Masters, Sages, priests and priestesses is strongly linked to the Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the path of love, and to the intelligence of the plants, trees, animals, the heavens and the great Cycles of Time.

The Green Robe Order sits directly below the White Robe Order, and is active in the third, fourth and fifth planes. It is a path of healing that is in service to the Light.

The head of this Order is a female Master named Sayneen who resides on the fifth great plane of God and holds council in her temple there.

The Elemental Kingdoms

Initiates of the Green Robe Order work with the Devic and Elemental Kingdoms. This includes the fairies, sylphs, undines, gnomes, and tetallurgical kingdoms that comprise the higher octaves of the third and fourth dimensions.

These healers have a great love for the forests, the trees, the plants, the stones and the crystals, and they are able to work with the healing energies of these beings, and they are often able to communicate with the devic intelligences behind these kingdoms themselves.

In past eras, when human beings lived in much closer harmony to Nature, this kind of communication was more common. Many people who lived within the forests could see these bright playful elemental spirits who work closely with the plant kingdom and with Mother Earth. But today most humans think of these beings as myths, legends or fairy tales, yet they are not.

In past centuries our ancestors learned how to listen to the elementals and Nature Spirits, and thus they learned much of what they knew about the healing properties of herbs and trees from these wonderful creative beings.

Medicine Men & Healers

Members who work within the Green Robe Order include healers of every kind:  herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, crystal healers, and Aruvedic doctors.

This Order also includes indigenous healers, ayahuasca shamans, and Medicine Men and Women from many different cultures  around the world: Native American, Celtic, Druid, Chinese healers, Aborigine, East Indian, Mayan, Incan and African tribal cultures.

One could also say that today in the modern world, this path would also include environmentalists, farmers, landscapers, horticulturalists, botanists, rock, mineral and gemstone enthusiasts, veterinarians, and people dedicated to animal rescue and healing.

Though they know it not, many of these individuals are following the Green Robe path of healing for the creatures, the animals,  the land, and the powerful creational energies of Mother Earth.

Earth Centered Wisdom

This Green Robe Order is dedicated to the healing of the Earth and to all living things on our planet. Consequently it also includes those who care for the Animal Kingdom.

The animals are our four-legged and winged brothers and sisters, and they are of critical importance to the balance of our planet. Without them the balance of Nature is completely thrown off.

Each species is here to teach us its own powerful set of lessons, if only humanity will listen. Those who care for the Animal Kingdom usually come away with a deeper understanding of life, a renewed compassion, and a profound connection to the wisdom of Nature herself as the great teacher.

So even though they may not know it, those individuals who are following this path of service and healing are in training as members of the Green Robe path. These are the people who are not only protecting the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms, but who are also fighting to save the oceans, rivers and streams from pollution.

These Heart Warriors are our most critical line of defense against the powers of greed and environmental destruction we see all around us in the world, for their work helps to maintain the balance of all living things on Earth.

This is a powerful path of service and one that is dearly needed in every culture of the planet today. These people have learned that without having balance in our world, balance in our environments and the way that human beings live, then everything we hold dear is lost, thus they love, honor and serve all beings with love, healing and compassion.

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