Brown Robe Order

The Brown Robe Order is one dedicated to discovering the laws and principles behind life itself, whether through science, alchemy, botany, biology, chemistry, physics, medicine or engineering. This Order sits beneath the Grey Robe Order in the lower Worlds and primarily operates in the third, fourth and fifth dimensions.

The head of this Order is Master Teplen. He is stationed on the fifth plane of God and coordinates activities in the Lower Realms from there.

While the discovery of these cosmic principles that govern the physical Universe is a very praise worthy and important subject, often members of the Brown Robe Order do not use these discoveries for the greater good.

As scientists they can easily fall into the belief of using “science for science’s sake,” and creating “progress for progress sake” without considering the impact on human, animal, plant or earthly life. They can forego the wisdom of balance, and simply pursue the secrets of discovery without regard for conscience or heart.

Unfortunately, this Order is often funded by, and under the influence of the Grey Robe Order of the Kal forces, thus their brilliant discoveries are often used for power, greed, profit and warfare.

The Dance Of Polarities

Because the Brown Robe Order of science, engineering and discovery serves the dualistic energies of the Grey Robe Order, a Spiritual Order that serves the  powers of destruction and illusion in the Lower Worlds, those who pursue this path must be very careful to maintain a moral compass. They must take a long term look at the consequences of their endeavors, and remember that just because a discovery is possible, it’s not necessarily balanced or right.

At the heart of both of these Orders lies a dualistic philosophy. At the most abstract level, the Brown Line is studying the interplay between the negative and positive polarities as they are reflected in Nature, but once these forces are harnessed in scientific application, they can cause havoc.

Because of the character of the Lower Worlds, there is a polarity to almost everything. Batteries have a negative and positive pole; electricity is best generated in an alternating current; each year we have summer and winter; the Sun and Earth are opposite polarities, just as are men and women. So all things in nature are created as a balance, and it is the process of discovering this Cosmic principle that gives way to new discoveries.

However often, what we create in the artificial environment of science is not balanced, as we see in the use of pharmaceuticals and energy systems, among others. A new medicine assists in healing one area of our body, while throwing other areas out of balance. Fossil fuels generate energy for our cities, but at the same time, they pollute our environment. So until we can find a way to work “with Nature” instead of trying to dominate it, we will continue to create inventions with negative side effects.

Because the Brown Robe Line is often dealing with the misuse of these polarities, it makes it far more susceptible to the machinations of the Grey Robe path.

The Grey Robe path holds a mindset that is often filled with a philosophy of “us or them”, “greater or lesser”, “more powerful or less powerful.” This is a highly polarizing philosophy that is a reflection of the dualism of the Mind, the Ego and the lower self.

So rather than seeking to understand Unity consciousness, or in practical terms how each object or being in Creation is connected to its environment, and to all other things, this world view seeks to malign and destroy those they perceive as being not the same as they are.

The Pattern Of Life

In truth, all things have their place in the pattern of life. Each has a function and we are interdependent on one another.  When we eliminate one species, other species either overpopulates or dies. When we cut down too many trees, we lose the oxygen or lungs of our planet. Each creature and blade of grass has its place in the pattern of life, and together they are stronger as a whole.

However the Grey Robe path that often dominates the Brown Line supports a dualistic view of life. This “us or them” philosophy can easily be extended to other countries, religions, races, and cultures, creating fear, disharmony and separation among all the tribes of men. This worldview engenders prejudice, superiority, division and hatred.

Remembering Our Moral Compass

In the Brown Robed Order this kind of dualistic thinking can mean that the pursuit of discovery gets expressed with an egoic agenda behind it, or without a moral compass. Rather than working with the inherent Intelligence of the Cosmos, the Greys and the Browns seek to dominate and control it, and under the sway of the Greys will synthesize and profit from its discoveries to extend its grasp on power.

This is why the pharmaceutical companies, controlled by a lust for profits, are constantly producing drugs with terrible side effects or drugs that foster addiction, creating the opioid addiction problem that we have today.

This is why engineering companies can justify plowing down the rainforests and decimating entire ecosystems, without any consideration about the impact on the local and global environment.

This is how technology developed and meant for the good of humanity, can be weaponized and turned against the people it was originally meant to serve.  

So while the Brown Robe path has many wonderful aspects to it in the celebration of discovery, including many craftsmen, scientists, engineers and alchemists, all individuals who follow this path must do so from a more balanced perspective of Unity Consciousness and compassion. As human beings we must take a serious look at the long term consequences of our actions, not just the short term affect of profits, personal gain, or research grants.

The Religious Paths

At the religious levels this path corresponds to the practice of Wicca, magic, Voodoo, Wudo, Santeria, Latin Tribal, Aztec, Coptic, and of course, the misuse of spiritual laws used for personal gain. When these deeper spiritual principles are used for egoic purposes, profit, power or self gain, they cause karma. To the extent that these actions harm others, this karma will rebound on the user.

When we step back, we can certainly see that the dedication to discovering the profound laws that make up the physical and metaphysical Universe is to be admired, but without the awareness of how these discoveries can positively AND negatively affect others and ourselves, this is one path that can be easily used by the Kal forces of darkness.

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